23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital

The Only Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Equity Crowdfunding

Written by America's #1 Authority on Marketing to Investors

  • For the first time in 80 years, entrepreneurs can raise funds directly from investors.
  • Don’t wait to take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity to raise capital from the investors.
  • There are millions of investors waiting for new investment opportunities to come their way.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

I have good news for you. Business owners who want to partner with investors to make their dreams reality…are no longer held back by heavy government restrictions and regulations.

The JOBS Act, signed into law by President Obama in 2012, has flung open the doors for new business owners and start-ups to raise capital directly from investors who are looking for new profit opportunities.

Don’t wait to take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity to raise capital from the investors who want to partner with you.

Here’s the truth: 

There are millions of investors waiting for new investment opportunities to come their way.

The key to partnering with these power players – the individuals who will help you to see your business really take off – is knowing how to effectively market your investment offer to this select group of people.

As an investment marketer, you’ll need to know the keys and strategies to successfully persuade investors to partner with you, so that you can:

  • Jumpstart your business venture, seeing your ideas come to life

  • Grow your small start-up into a large company
  • Expand your marketing efforts and reach, increasing your customer base—and profits
  • Fund research and development to dramatically improve your product or service
  • Hire new staff and pay for new facilities
  • And more…

30 Years of Marketing to Investors

I’m Craig Huey and I’ve been marketing to investors for over 30 years. And in decades of experience and hundreds of campaigns, I’ve developed time-tested strategies that produce a high response from investors—and over $1 billion in capital.

In 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital, I reveal for the first time my secrets on how to market directly to investors, using marketing tactics that are time-tested and proven.

This clear, comprehensive action guide includes:

  • The 23 secrets you won’t hear elsewhere about the best marketing approach to use for your equity crowdfunding campaign
  • My #1 recommended “Path” for marketing…and why the other paths may fail
  • Why marketing under Reg A+ is your best bet to raising massive amounts of capital
  • How to create a powerful, lead-generating direct mail campaign that could transform your capital raise
  • Why you must use direct response copywriting in all of your marketing efforts…or your campaign will fall flat
  • The secrets to creating an effective landing page—and why this is foundational to your equity crowdfunding campaign
  • How to retarget prospects using digital ads that will “follow them” around the internet…producing incredibly high response
  • How to use look-a-like audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Google and more to generate powerfully responsive new prospects and leads
  • Why Amazon is my new favorite digital marketing strategy…and how you can use this surprising new marketing platform to reach wealthy investors…even if you don’t sell anything on Amazon
  • Why you must create a “pre-roll” video… and why it doesn’t need to wipe out your budget

I’m excited to share these insights with you…to see how you will use them for an equity crowdfunding campaign that generates powerful partnership with new investors…and transform your business.

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About the Author

Craig Huey is publisher of the industry newsletter Direct Marketing Update, and President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. a full-service direct response advertising agency.


Craig has the distinction of being recognized as one of the nation’s top direct response marketing experts. His insightful and on-target strategies have generated more investor subscribers, leads and sales than anyone else in the industry… and have helped companies raise more than $1 billion in assets.


Over the years, CDMG’s marketing programs have garnered 87 major industry awards.

Caleb Huey is Vice President of Creative Strategy at Creative Direct Marketing Group. For more than 10 years he has been on TV, spoken at conferences and helped provide investment marketers with new ways to expand and grow.


Caleb is a “JOBS Act” crowdfunding expert who has been helping companies worldwide launch, grow and dominate their markets.

Craig and Caleb have made millionaires out of entrepreneurs and helped million-dollar organizations skyrocket to even higher levels of success.


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“He’s a marketing genius. Craig Huey took my idea and created a dream come true. From the launch, CDMG has helped me grow into one of the largest publishers and supplement companies in America.”

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Craig Huey

President of Creative Direct Marketing Group


I want to jump start my business venture and learn how to successfully market my investment opportunity to investors.

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